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Elevate 33 was a medical marijuana distribution company that was located in south Orange County. They focused not only on selling and manufacturing but also on educating the public about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. I prepared all of their logo and initial branding work for them before the launch of the company including sub-brands for different products. Unfortunately, due to regulations, initial start-up costs, and red tape, Elevate33 could not obtain a license for medicinal distribution.

Elevate 33 Logo Rework-01.jpg
Elevate 33 Logo Rework-02.jpg
Splendid white-01.png
Supply Chain Graphic-01.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-14.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-15.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-12.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-11.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-10.jpg
Business Card Mock Ups-09.jpg
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